Why I started blogging?

For many years I used to have a blog in 2010 storing photos of my kinds of stuff that I saved via online and posted there, in short during that time I don’t have any idea what a blog could turn out to be. I actually had a lot of platforms back then,¬†BlogSpot was the first one and later on, I created a new one in WordPress¬†but forget the password and move to another which is¬†Weebly. I love creating so many blogs because¬†I like¬†changing¬†backgrounds, customize¬†it and play with it. My¬†teenage years were like to have so many blogs to manage for nothing.

I realize that I need to be more specific why and made a decision that I just need to be consistent in one platform. Writing is a bit nerve-wracking because I’m not used to it as well as I’m not confident enough to publish it, afraid that my grammar is wrong. After reading so many blogs sites it doesn’t¬†really matter about the grammar I can adopt it on my own and improve it.

So, last year I finally made this and publish my first blog. I love traveling and making gala and share my experiences.


To tell a story. 

Learn new things. I become more creative and knowing myself even more.

Meet new people. 

Create Opportunities.

Inspire others. Write to inspire ‚̧ Making a difference in other lives might have an impact on them (readers). Traveling by



Like a mushroom in the backyard, blogging isn’t a dream of me blogging suddenly popped out that I wanted to do and explore. We have goals in life and a part of my goals is to become a successful blogger.


La Vie Parisienne

There’s no need a passport and visa for your next Paris¬†tour. I’ve visited Cebu last month. La Vie Parisienne has a vibe of being in Paris. Very instagrammable place too! I didn’t try any foods or wines I was fully loaded during my buffet stay at Pino Restaurant. I’ll sure to try it next time. Rain suddenly drops during my visit and I’m soooo frustrated that I didn’t take many photos of the place.



Credits to http://www.beadeegee.com for the photo



I joined Youtube!!

This entry was supposed to be a month ago but due to the wifi¬†connection, kasi ang¬†hirap¬†talaga ng internet connection sa¬†pinas.¬†¬†I’ve uploaded my first vlog¬†a few days ago. It’s kinda awkward at first…. well I think everyone felt that way too. I.think.so. pff.¬†It feels exciting to have more videos and at the same time its challenges me. I was planning to start vlogs¬†2 years ago but I still have doubts and cared too much will others think.


My Butanding (Whale shark) Experience

My Travel Diary: Wanderlust 5.0 | Oslob Whale watching

Last week, I had a 3 days tour in Cebu. We planned to go first to Oslob, 2 hours from Cebu City. Oslob whale watching has a lot of foreign tourists around. 30 minutes to enjoy taking pictures and swim with the Butanding (Whaleshark)

3They are tooo big! I never imagined seeing how big they are. The boatman is feeding them every morning. I have a water syndrome when I was young, but then I conquered it. This time I had to challenge myself to remove my life jacket and hold my breath for the best shot.oslobOpens at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. For taking a picture with the Butanding it’s only up to 12:00 noon, A fee of Php 500.00 with snorkeling gear plus the boat.2

Confessions of an Ambivert

Hi! I’m sure you click this because you are an ambivert too? Or maybe you’re curious what an ambivert can be. Any of the two?

What is Ambivert? Ambivert is both introvert and extrovert in some ways. It depends on the situation. If you love meeting new people but you need to have an accompanied from someone who you comfortable with, most probably your best friend, to help you to become relaxed to the place. Small talk doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable, but it does get boring, We can be shy and nervous around people we don’t know well. When a topic of interest come up in conversation, we’re more happy to talk in great detail about it. Another thing is when there’s a tendency to balance out whoever you’re with – If I’m with someone loud, I’ll be quiet. If they’re quiet, I’ll compensate for that. Most of us are observant, we tend to observe what’s happening around.

Majestic and Truly Enchanting

My Travel Diary: Wanderlust 7.0 |  Hinatuan: Enchanted River


Around 3:00 PM as we arrived in Enchanted River. a short briefing area for the tourist reminding the do’s and don’t inside the river. After the briefing, we rode a shuttle going to the river for free. ¬†The facilities closes at 5:00 PM


Seeing the river is truly enchanting, it’s very clear!




Do’s and Don’t’s

  1.  Make sure to attend the short briefing first
  2. Avail life vest for Php. 15.00 per hour. No life vest no swimming policy
  3. Observe CLAYGO (Clean as you go)
  4. Taking pictures is allowed but beware to the restricted area
  5. Don’t cross the border lines. – Before, tourist are allowed to swim all around the river, the Local Government of Hinatuan, puts border lines for the tourist to swimming



MORE! Endless exciting adventure awaits you in Hinatuan

  1. C-Fish Cage & Sand Bars Resort – 09465396680
  2. Margarett Island Peak Resort – 0929624217
  3. Pacific View – 09173081243 / 09399308705
  4. White Blue Resort – 09217299304 / 09129003623
  5. Rock Island – 09486769779 / 09773544947
  6. Sibadan Fish Cage – 09465634927 / 09103447524
  7. Umbrella Fish Cage – 09462904917 / 09075573706
  8. Harip White Beach Brgy. Harip
  9. Tarusan River Brgy. Tarusan
  10. Vanishing Island Brgy. Portlamon
  11. Ligad White Beach Brgy. Campa
  12. Tinago Lagoon Brgy. Cambatong
  13. White Sand bar Brgy. Aquino
  14. Eco Park Brgy. Bitoon
  15. San Juan Wharf Brgy. San Juan
  16. Tipdos Island Hinatuan

Municipal Tourism Office: 09399243278