Stunning paradise – Britania Island

DSC_0128DSC_0111Untouched white sand beach, the Naked Island in Surigao del Sur. It matches the way they name on the island. Just like a painting with blue sky, a sunlight, coconut trees and tourist.



Sand Bar




I joined Youtube!!

This entry was supposed to be a month ago but due to the wifi connection, kasi ang hirap talaga ng internet connection sa pinas.  I’ve uploaded my first vlog a few days ago. It’s kinda awkward at first…. well I think everyone felt that way too. pff. It feels exciting to have more videos and at the same time its challenges me. I was planning to start vlogs 2 years ago but I still have doubts and cared too much will others think.


My Butanding (Whale shark) Experience

My Travel Diary: Wanderlust 5.0 | Oslob Whale watching

Last week, I had a 3 days tour in Cebu. We planned to go first to Oslob, 2 hours from Cebu City. Oslob whale watching has a lot of foreign tourists around. 30 minutes to enjoy taking pictures and swim with the Butanding (Whaleshark)

3They are tooo big! I never imagined seeing how big they are. The boatman is feeding them every morning. I have a water syndrome when I was young, but then I conquered it. This time I had to challenge myself to remove my life jacket and hold my breath for the best shot.oslobOpens at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. For taking a picture with the Butanding it’s only up to 12:00 noon, A fee of Php 500.00 with snorkeling gear plus the boat.2

Confessions of an Ambivert

Hi! I’m sure you click this because you are an ambivert too? Or maybe you’re curious what an ambivert can be. Any of the two?

What is Ambivert? Ambivert is both introvert and extrovert in some ways. It depends on the situation. If you love meeting new people but you need to have an accompanied from someone who you comfortable with, most probably your best friend, to help you to become relaxed to the place. Small talk doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable, but it does get boring, We can be shy and nervous around people we don’t know well. When a topic of interest come up in conversation, we’re more happy to talk in great detail about it. Another thing is when there’s a tendency to balance out whoever you’re with – If I’m with someone loud, I’ll be quiet. If they’re quiet, I’ll compensate for that. Most of us are observant, we tend to observe what’s happening around.

Majestic and Truly Enchanting

My Travel Diary: Wanderlust 7.0 |  Hinatuan: Enchanted River


Around 3:00 PM as we arrived in Enchanted River. a short briefing area for the tourist reminding the do’s and don’t inside the river. After the briefing, we rode a shuttle going to the river for free.  The facilities closes at 5:00 PM


Seeing the river is truly enchanting, it’s very clear!




Do’s and Don’t’s

  1.  Make sure to attend the short briefing first
  2. Avail life vest for Php. 15.00 per hour. No life vest no swimming policy
  3. Observe CLAYGO (Clean as you go)
  4. Taking pictures is allowed but beware to the restricted area
  5. Don’t cross the border lines. – Before, tourist are allowed to swim all around the river, the Local Government of Hinatuan, puts border lines for the tourist to swimming



MORE! Endless exciting adventure awaits you in Hinatuan

  1. C-Fish Cage & Sand Bars Resort – 09465396680
  2. Margarett Island Peak Resort – 0929624217
  3. Pacific View – 09173081243 / 09399308705
  4. White Blue Resort – 09217299304 / 09129003623
  5. Rock Island – 09486769779 / 09773544947
  6. Sibadan Fish Cage – 09465634927 / 09103447524
  7. Umbrella Fish Cage – 09462904917 / 09075573706
  8. Harip White Beach Brgy. Harip
  9. Tarusan River Brgy. Tarusan
  10. Vanishing Island Brgy. Portlamon
  11. Ligad White Beach Brgy. Campa
  12. Tinago Lagoon Brgy. Cambatong
  13. White Sand bar Brgy. Aquino
  14. Eco Park Brgy. Bitoon
  15. San Juan Wharf Brgy. San Juan
  16. Tipdos Island Hinatuan

Municipal Tourism Office: 09399243278

Bucas Grande Island Hopping – Sohoton Lagoon 

My Travel Diary: Wanderlust 6.0 |Bucas Grande Island Hopping – Sohoton Lagoon 

What to see in this wonderful paradise? I’ve saw and become fascinated on it’s natural beauty. White sand, native houses can be found in Cinnamon Island, Jellyfish and starfish swimming along the shore, star studded crystal clear water. Bucas Grande Island is  located in Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. We had an Island hopping tour




From Hayanggabon Port, we went first to Cinnamon Island so that we can have our lunch and put our bags to the cottage.



pither plnt

We found pitcher plants. a prey trapping mechanism that catches  flying or crawling insects su


The mouth of Hagukan Cave


Things to do while having the island tour?

Hagukan Cave An underwater cave that has a small passage going inside. When entering the cave you have lie down facing the sky and the boatman will pull you. You can a snake formation inside the cave. You can also witness the water having light when you splash the water because of the water reflection.

Magkukuob Cave Are you fan of cliff jumping? Me, I’m not… the boatman told us that if we like to try we’ll enter to the cave then upon exit, we have to jump to the ciiff with 12-meters high. If your not a swimmer it’s not a problem, the problem is when you don’t jump.


Crystal Cave Different formations of stalagmites and stalactites can be seen. There are bats inside too.

Jellyfish Sanctuary I held a transparent jellyfish and a brown jellyfish!

How To Get To Bucas Grande Island?


What’s on my travel Bag?

Hi! It’s 3:17am in my clock and still wide awake! Maybe because I slept too much yesterday.Today is our flight to Cebu with my fam for 10 days. I packed all my things that I need and there you go my travel essentials.


Nikon Dslr and Sjcam for taking pictures!!! Who wouldn’t want to take pictures? All of us of course, I love taking pictures of the places I’ve seen.

PS: I’m not a pro of using Dslr yet in the process of learning. I usually use my phone camera and that’s it.

A life saver for my gadgets!

Because I use my cell phone for vlogging monopod will be a big help.


Wet wipes
Just for emergency or anything that I need those.

I feel so dizzy every time I ride a plane. So, I need this to endure that dizziness of mine.

Beauty essentials
I have a very sensitive skin sunblock, lotion and toner will do.



Last but not the least my earphone. Since I feel dizzy in the plane. Music will entertain me with and comfort me.


Note: My first vlog is out!! I suppose to upload this last week but there’s always a hindrance in my internet connection. Check it out 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!








I am proud of myself

One day it's just clicks...
I realize what's important and what isn't.
I learn to care less about what other people
think of me and more about what I think of myself.
I realize how far I've come and 
I remember when I thoughts things were
such a mess that they'd never recover. I then smile.
I smile because was truly proud of myself
and the person I've fought to become. 


What happened to me? That’s what I was asking myself months ago. I got through my ups and down in my 21 years of existence. a roller coaster ride with extreme highs and lows. From the opportunities coming my way and the overwhelming praises down to considering myself as a failure and a coward that I use to overkill my thoughts, over think my mistakes, my mind floats and it’s always feels like living in misery.

But the ride is worth it because….

I am proud of myself because I still have accomplishments ahead to look forward to. I’ve never stopped dreaming, always kept reaching for more and continuously learning and growing…. 


Another year awaits! 🙂

My rainy season playlist


Rain can cause exertion to many of us. It can cancel a planed trip especially if its outdoor activity, it can cancel classes, it can cause much effort when you just had your laundry and hang the clothes on clothesline. Some people likes rain, for a reason it’s cold when it rains because of the epic summer heat and probably because they like the sound of the rain and have a good sleep. When we were a kid surely you’d also like it and dance along with the rain with your neighbor friends playing. Some are not I’m not happy nor sad when it rains, it depends on the situation. When I’m outside its distracting me for getting me wet.  When I’m at home and have nothing to do, somehow it can be a time for relaxing and be calm.  Staring to the rain with earphones plugged into my ears is best thing. (whew sounds sentimental). In these type of weather I would want to listen to these songs (most of the song are Korean indie songs, i like the feeling of a soft and cozy melody of the songs)

My rainy playlist

Kesha – Feels like rain
Juris – Your love
2lson – Wish For You
Standing Egg – Because It’s A Different Time 시간이 달라서
2lson feat. Hyobin – Begging you
Standing Egg – Summer Night You and I
Standing Egg – Lean on me
Standing Egg – Tuk tuk tuk
Acoustic Collabo – You and I, Heart flattering
2lson – I’m Gonna Stick With You
Acoustic Collabo – Shy Love
Acoustic Collabo – Photo 사진
J Rabbit – If You Love Me (Acoustic Ver.)
Bolbbalgan4 Album RED PLANET
Melody (Melo-D) – Because it’s spring
Milktea – 초콜렛군 오렌지양
Han SoA – Confession
Imitation project feat Yua – Call me stupid
Yonghwa – Banmal Song
IU – Palette
MJ Sunny side feat Kimura – Those days
Raspberry Field – Saturday Afternoon
Air ManGirl feat 406 project — I want to be touched 투정부리고 싶은데
2lson – The Lady
OOHYO – Pizza
Urban Zakapa – Cafe Latte
One More Chance – I’m thinking of you 널 생각해
걷자, 집앞이야 – Twenty 스무살
Hansalchae – I like U 좋아한다고 해
Acourve) – 하고 싶은 말 (What I Want To Say)
Macchiato – Love is….
Macchiato – You’re my man
잘 지내니 – 실루엣
Blueberry – My Love, My Fate, My Lover
Shoko feat. sosimboys – I wish I Had a boyfriend 남자친구가 생겼으면 좋겠다 
Yu Seung Woo & Yoo YeonJung – Warm like the Citrus tea!
Jay Sera – Why I Live 내가 사는 이유
공기남녀 – 끌림
AKMU – Will last forever
Crucial Star – Tonight
HanAll (한올) – Why we are broken 우리가 헤어진 이유
Jessica (Girl’s Generation) – That One Person, You

Any suggestions from you guys?

Pililla Wind farm in Tanay Rizal

Travel Diary: Wanderlust 4.0 | Pililla Wind farm


There’s no need to get far to see windmill. Rizal province has it!  located in Barangay Halayhayin in the municipality of Pililla in Rizal province. It is the first Luzon-based wind farm outside Ilocos Norte. There are 27 wind turbines in all.

Witness this new attraction in Tanay, Rizal. This is my second time already, the first time I came to visit was last 2 years ago (as I remember)  and the site is not yet finished. No entrance fee needed just simply follow their rules and regulations.




Laguna de bay view




Keep educating yourself! Take time to read this facts… 


Basic facts of Rizal Province


Basic facts about Pililia, Rizal


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