Korean Style Vol. 1

Korean Style Vol. 1 Tennis skirt with Pajama Top 

What’s up for my Korean look with simple yet cute fashion. It was Sunday afternoon I’m preparing for… Oh, I’m already prepared for what today photoshoot. Me feeling like a model. I thought it was going to rain and just ruin our plans.. luckily it wasn’t. Thank god!

I’m wearing a top from Marikina Tiange Php. 250.00 and a skirt from Candys Php. 550.00



Shooting place at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons, Pasig City

Photo by: lim.cami


▶ all time favorites!

Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing. Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty. What would life be?  -ABBA

What is life? Music is my life! When I don’t have nothing to do I always ended up listening music. Singing is my key to kill boredom. I don’t care who can hear it. 🙂

Be your everything Boys Like Girls
I’m in love Narsha
Photo Acoustic Collabo
Right here, Right now Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
Shout about it The Vamps
Tommorrow Avril Lavigne
Trust G-friend
When you look me in the eyes Jonas Brothers
You and Me Lifehouse
Your love Juris

Ollie in Gunmetal | Sunny Specs



Screen shot from Sunnies Specs site


I was envious of my sister, she got it first and I decided to change my eyeglasses. Besides, it is very affordable price Php. 1,999 – Lens + Frame (in any frame) + Eye Exam with many colors variety. I pick Ollie in Gunmetal, this frame consists of 3 colors  (charcoal, gunmetal, and Bronze)  I love it the way it is. I added 1,700 for more slimmer lenses to fit in the frame, since mataas grado ko, the ophthalmologists recommended it for me.

Why do I  love it? 

From its design, its simple looks very trendy and fashionable I like the thickness of the eyewear as well.

The service

I bought my pairs in SM Megamall 3rd Floor at Mega Fashion Hall. The store… actually it’s just a kiosk. I didn’t imagine that there’s a room for the eye check up. When you like to fit a glasses you don’t have to ask for the assistance of the staff if you like the frame or not, you can do it own after picking your desired frame you will have to fill out a form for the eye check up.

selfie collectionsselfie




My rainy season playlist


Rain can cause exertion to many of us. It can cancel a planed trip especially if its outdoor activity, it can cancel classes, it can cause much effort when you just had your laundry and hang the clothes on clothesline. Some people likes rain, for a reason it’s cold when it rains because of the epic summer heat and probably because they like the sound of the rain and have a good sleep. When we were a kid surely you’d also like it and dance along with the rain with your neighbor friends playing. Some are not I’m not happy nor sad when it rains, it depends on the situation. When I’m outside its distracting me for getting me wet.  When I’m at home and have nothing to do, somehow it can be a time for relaxing and be calm.  Staring to the rain with earphones plugged into my ears is best thing. (whew sounds sentimental). In these type of weather I would want to listen to these songs (most of the song are Korean indie songs, i like the feeling of a soft and cozy melody of the songs)

My rainy playlist

Kesha – Feels like rain
Juris – Your love
2lson – Wish For You
Standing Egg – Because It’s A Different Time 시간이 달라서
2lson feat. Hyobin – Begging you
Standing Egg – Summer Night You and I
Standing Egg – Lean on me
Standing Egg – Tuk tuk tuk
Acoustic Collabo – You and I, Heart flattering
2lson – I’m Gonna Stick With You
Acoustic Collabo – Shy Love
Acoustic Collabo – Photo 사진
J Rabbit – If You Love Me (Acoustic Ver.)
Bolbbalgan4 Album RED PLANET
Melody (Melo-D) – Because it’s spring
Milktea – 초콜렛군 오렌지양
Han SoA – Confession
Imitation project feat Yua – Call me stupid
Yonghwa – Banmal Song
IU – Palette
MJ Sunny side feat Kimura – Those days
Raspberry Field – Saturday Afternoon
Air ManGirl feat 406 project — I want to be touched 투정부리고 싶은데
2lson – The Lady
OOHYO – Pizza
Urban Zakapa – Cafe Latte
One More Chance – I’m thinking of you 널 생각해
걷자, 집앞이야 – Twenty 스무살
Hansalchae – I like U 좋아한다고 해
Acourve) – 하고 싶은 말 (What I Want To Say)
Macchiato – Love is….
Macchiato – You’re my man
잘 지내니 – 실루엣
Blueberry – My Love, My Fate, My Lover
Shoko feat. sosimboys – I wish I Had a boyfriend 남자친구가 생겼으면 좋겠다 
Yu Seung Woo & Yoo YeonJung – Warm like the Citrus tea!
Jay Sera – Why I Live 내가 사는 이유
공기남녀 – 끌림
AKMU – Will last forever
Crucial Star – Tonight
HanAll (한올) – Why we are broken 우리가 헤어진 이유
Jessica (Girl’s Generation) – That One Person, You

Any suggestions from you guys?

Global Wow Korea! | The influence of K-Drama to me.


While browsing random stuff on the internet, I saw a contest about why I definitely want to visit Korea!! OMG!! It’s just WOW! This is my third time to join a contest like this. I was 16 back then when I join I got chosen but I didn’t check my email. (That was really disappointing, right? Well…anyway that was in past). 


I’m really obsess anything about Korea. But hey I can’t fully understand what happened to me. Its because of their dramas actually. Here in my country (Philippines) TV channels air several Korean Dramas. I’ve never been in Korea (I wish someday I could)


To share my thoughts about why? Here it is.

It all started from 2012 when I start watching K-Drama. (I’ve known some old Korean series like Full House, Autumn in my heart, Endless love Spring Waltz etc. But I was a kid at that time).I became a very huge fan of Korea and its culture. All of a sudden I became curious about Korea whenever I watch Korean dramas. In your series, it will always feature foods, k fashion, music and the places where you shoot. The places in each drama are interesting by watching it I’ve become familiarize to the places where they shot. Nami Island, Myeongdong, Cheondamdong, N Seoul Tower, Jeju Island, Lotte World etc. I want to go there. I like to go to their historical sites/traditional houses too. I also like to experience wearing hanbok and feel like a princess in a Joseon era 🙂

After my phenomenal love to K-drama, these are the things that I like about Korea.

  1. Food.  Kimchi & samgyeopsal are my favorites! Whenever I go to the grocery I make sure to buy Kimchi and ramen…I  also like kimbap, bibimbap, fish cake, tteokbokki and ice cream. I would like to try their other cuisine too.
  2. Hallyu wave.  Korean music. Dream High influence me to this I became IU and Miss A fan! I’ve also known more groups while searching them. My favorite groups now BTS, GOT7, BlackPink and K-indie music I love them!!
  3. Fashion/Hair and makeup. The sense of fashion is what I like the most. They can experiment clothes on their own. The hanging clothes, crop tops, skater skirts, skinny jeans, loose shirts, cardigans, shoes, and accessories.There’s a cute style if you have an innocent personality, hip hop style. A combination of hip hop style with a cute style. 
  4. History. I become curious about their history because of Korean dramas. 

I haven’t been on overseas tour and I’ve always dreamed of going to Korea and discovering more things. This is a great opportunity for a dreamer like me. Thank you for this event. Hopefully, I can join. 🙂 


My review on first episode of W


I don’t remember what exact date did I start watching on W. I think it was 1 week or 2 weeks ago when the first episode was aired in (Korea). I’ll tell you I’m not a kind of person watching Korean drama who is waiting for another week just to watch the next episode because I used to watch dramas when it’s all done(I hate bitin scenes). But it all changes when I started watching this drama. But then I watch it because I saw a lot of spoiler on the net. Every ending is worth to watch for another episode. After I saw the trailer of this, it hooked me up to watch it. I thought of this story would be like a time travel story like rooftop prince, Queen In Hyun’s Man etc. Well I think it has a little (maybe at the later parts.)The writer of this drama added a concept of webtoon, which is popular in Korea. There are a lot of good webtoon drama/stories that I’ve watch. And to tell you again webtoon drama are all good!


My review on the first episode of W


The phase of the first episode was when it introduces the protagonist’s life, Kang Chul. He’s well-known shooter who won several medals in every competition he’d join. One day a news came out that he killed all his family. He doesn’t have any idea who has done and probably us, the viewers, are curious who’s the killer. Right? He was accused by so many he got into jail and even the killer wanted to kill him. Okay by that I didn’t know that it was the story that Yeon Joo’s father drawing. So it is Yeon Jo’s father who is the author of W. The phasing is really good huh?!

In Yeon Jo’s world, Kang Chul is very famous if you are a fan of webtoon stories. His story has waited for every release of the book.

A scene that surprised us all is by the time when Yeon Jo’s dad is lost and when Kang Chul is about to die, that was the time that weird things in two worlds have happened. When Kang Chul hand was able to reach Yeon Jo and pull it to his world to ask for help. OMG! What the?  What is this? How did it happen? Wait, I have to remind myself that I’m watching a fantasy drama series.

Yeon Joo tries to save Kang Chul and she did. After she saves Kang Chul, she comes back to her world. She doesn’t know that she became the new character in webtoon until Su Bong said that Kang Chul is alive.


How will react if you saw yourself in a webtoon? And you realized that you just did it a while ago.


That moment when Yeon Joo sat down to the computer to see what Su Bong is talking about. She noticed that she was in the next chapter of the book. Everything is exactly the same on what she did a few minutes ago.


PS: Written: August 2016

7 K drama I like the most


Currently thoughts Vol. 1: 7 K drama I like the most


It supposes to be 12 dramas but it ended up 7. There are a lot of great Korean dramas that I watch, however, this list is my most liked. I watched it over and over again especially the first on my list. I started to like watching Korean drama in the year 2012, I even collect CDs. Until now, I’m an avid fan of K-dramas.   So, here is my short list of my favorite k-dramas that I watch from 2010 to present.



1. Cinderella’s Sister. It’s a story of two sisters who have a different story and perspective view in life. It’s actually the same story of Disney’s Cinderella. To make it simpler it applies a modern twist to the classic fairy tale, the story follows the contentious relationship between two stepsisters as their lives and loves to intertwine.
The main character named Song/Goo Eun Jo is a girl who is very shy and cynical young woman who is very tough. She hides her emotions and does not get attached to people easily.(she’s just like me I don’t interfere too much with people because I don’t trust them.) Going back, Goo Hyo Sun, her stepsister, a gentle and brilliant girl who has been treated like a princess her entire life. This story rotates on how Eun Jo will treat her sister in spite of being a tough woman and Hyo Sun on treating her sister like the real one, she warmly welcomes her (Eun Jo). On the other hand, Hyo Sun and Eun Jo will be fighting over a man, Hong Ki Hoon.

2. 49 Days. Second, on my list, the story of Shin Ji Hyun is living a perfect life: she is the only daughter of wealthy, doting parents and is surrounded by supportive best friends. It is a very good drama that made me stay awake late at night. Every episode has a nice ending and can’t wait to see the next. I always feel goosebumps.  This drama helps me realized different views in life: the most important is how you give your trust to someone or to your friend. I The definition of what life is… how important life is… Song Yi Kyung is the protagonist here, and the reason why Ji Hyun had a car accident and went to being comatose. They cross their paths by borrowing Yi Kyung’s body.  Ji Hyun needs to collect 3 meaningful(love) tears.

3. Dream High. A drama of fulfilling your dreams. Six students at Kirin High School have the dream of becoming K-pop idols. This drama introduces and influences me in being a K-pop lover.  Miss A and IU is always my fan. Miss A is the first Korean girl group that I like t also has many good songs. I like the Milky Couple  and HyunZy Couple


4. Cheongdamdong Alice. This drama comes in fourth place in my list. The reason why I like this drama is that of Moon Geun Young. She did a superb acting here. Make me cry a lot. This is actually the second MGY drama that I watch. Moon Geun Young as Han Se-Kyung is an optimistic girl living her life with the belief that “hard work is my strength.” After countless job interviews, she finally gets hired by an apparel company. But not as a designer; instead, she becomes an errand girl for the president’s wife.  In spite of all the hard works she had when she got the job she always remains low. This makes her rethink her past and makes her determined to change her future.

5. I Miss You/Missing You.  Middle school sweethearts Jung-woo and Soo-Yeon were separated in a horrifying tragedy that continues to weigh down on them as adults. Now a guilt-ridden detective, Jung-woo has been desperately searching for Soo-Yeon for years, but when he crosses paths with her again, she has already become someone else with a new identity.

6. Queen In Hyun’s Man. fantasy-romance-action-historical drama television series, starring Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na. The story centers around obscure actress Choi Hee-jin (played by Yoo In Na), who falls in love with Kim Bung-do (played by Ji Hyun Woo) a time-traveling scholar from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) who jumps 300 years into the future to the 21st century. I can’t express my self when I was watching this especially when the time that Kim Bong Du forget Choi Hee Jin, while Choi Hee Jin waiting for him to come. The saddest part ever!! How can you imagine that a man in Joseon Dynasty has come to the present life?  What if this exist? What if I could also go to his world. 어땠어요? Wew! sounds creepy.

7. Scarlet Heart Ryeo