Words Unspoken

I did not imagine a blessing would come to me
I did not know anything yet at first
So happy that finally, this was the moment I’m waiting for
Shy at first but
eventually, I keep myself head up
learning new skills and obtaining new challenges
time flies so fast
I was so scared to make mistake
I was ashamed of what would happen next
I became quiet
I kept on thinking. thinking. thinking
not knowing I was drowning with my own thoughts
I reach out to the people who I’m close with
But I then still don’t know how to change it.

I lose my confidence
slowly until it was flopping
I keep on teaching myself to trust my guts
but it’s too late
I lose my motivation

I predict that moment will happen
The day he said that totally drop my mind
It’s such a terrible day
My throat becomes dry
So I sip a drink
It was a crucial stage to decide
will I fight for it? Or just leave?
tryin’ to say something
but the words won’t come out
At the end of the day all the thoughts
remain unsaid
for the last time, I did not say anything



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