Why I started blogging?

For many years I used to have a blog in 2010 storing photos of my kinds of stuff that I saved via online and posted there, in short during that time I don’t have any idea what a blog could turn out to be. I actually had a lot of platforms back then, BlogSpot was the first one and later on, I created a new one in WordPress but forget the password and move to another which is Weebly. I love creating so many blogs because I like changing backgrounds, customize it and play with it. My teenage years were like to have so many blogs to manage for nothing.

I realize that I need to be more specific why and made a decision that I just need to be consistent in one platform. Writing is a bit nerve-wracking because I’m not used to it as well as I’m not confident enough to publish it, afraid that my grammar is wrong. After reading so many blogs sites it doesn’t really matter about the grammar I can adopt it on my own and improve it.

So, last year I finally made this and publish my first blog. I love traveling and making gala and share my experiences.


To tell a story. 

Learn new things. I become more creative and knowing myself even more.

Meet new people. 

Create Opportunities.

Inspire others. Write to inspire ❤ Making a difference in other lives might have an impact on them (readers). Traveling by



Like a mushroom in the backyard, blogging isn’t a dream of me blogging suddenly popped out that I wanted to do and explore. We have goals in life and a part of my goals is to become a successful blogger.


One thought on “Why I started blogging?

  1. I also love working on the theme/layout of my blog! Can be kinda addictive, I find. Great post, so glad you rediscovered blogging and are enjoying it! You can always let me know if you have any questions 🙂 I love everything blogging-related.

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